Hancom Office Online and Desktop Office

Q. Hancom Office Online failed to open a document on the Internet Explorer.
A. Hancom Office Online is optimized for Chrome browser and can be possibility with IE compatibility issue. We recommend to use Chrome browser for Hancom Office Online.

The secured document cannot be opened. You can download and edit it with another program installed in your computer.


Q. I have multiple accounts for a cloud service. Can I register them all?
A. Hancom Space (was Netffice 24) allows you to use multiple accounts from a cloud service for registration.


Q. I tried to view a document, but failed.
A. Hancom Space (was Netffice 24) converts documents into images. If Hancom Space (was Netffice 24) fails to convert a document, it is likely that there is a password set to open the document or there is an error in the document. Please contact us at space@hancom.com, if the problem seems to be caused by other reasons.


Q. How does Hancom Space (was Netffice 24) operate with Hancom Office?
A. With the service, you can basically do everything such as create, edit, delete, upload and download, and save the same document using the web, PC, and mobile devices. The changed documents will be applied and accessible from various devices.


Q. I cannot see the Hancom Office Online menu.
A. Hancom Office Online supports above Internet Explorer 11, and latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. The web office menu will not appear on the other browsers. We recommend you Chrome for the best expected performance.


Q. I cannot save a document as a different name.
A. Hancom Office Online does not provide “Save As” feature. We recommend you to use the Hancom Space (was Netffice 24) web service to change the file name.


Q. Hancom Office Online fails to open a document.
A. Since Hancom Office Online works only with HTML in order to be operated on the browsers that comply with web standards, there may exist limits in certain features of web office. We keep working on the compatibility issue to make further improvements. If there is a document that you cannot open, try to open it with Hancom Office for PC.


Q. Hancom Office Online failed to open a file on IE.
A. Hancom Office Online is currently operated as a beta version. It is optimized to be used on Chrome browser and there could be a compatibility issue when using IE. We recommend you to use Chrome during the beta period.


Q. I already have Hancom Office 2014 installed in my PC.
A. As of Feb 1st, 2016, Hancom Office NEO is the newly branded Hancom Office. If Hancom Office 2014 is already installed in your PC, please uninstall the previous version and then install new Hancom Office NEO.


Q. What is the difference between the previous versions of Hancom Office and Hancom Office for Hancom Space (was Netffice 24)?
A. Hancom Office for Hancom Space (was Netffice 24) is the newer version of Hancom Office 2014 and is designed for the global. It also does not contain additional features that are specialized in Korea only such as clip arts/ Hancom dictionary/ Hancom typing. The basic office features are same.


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