Q. Is there an uploading size limit?
A. Hancom Space (previously. Netffice 24) allows users to upload a file up to 1GB for FREEMIUM users.


Q. Do you also offer the preview feature for Google Docs and Evernote?
A. For Google Docs’ gdoc file type and Evernote’s note file type, Hancom Space (previously. Netffice 24) will redirect you to the viewer of the original service. If you click such files on Hancom Space, the Hancom Space viewer will appear and open the viewer of Google Docs or Evernote automatically.


Q. I cannot open my document. It keeps showing the loading image.
A. The file may have been damaged or encrypted. Try it with your “installed” office program in your desktop and see if the file is not damaged or encrypted.


Q. The file name has changed when I uploaded the file.
A. The file name of Hancom Space (previously. Netffice 24) cannot include special characters such as @, #, $,%, ^, *. Hancom Space will automatically change those characters to underlines.


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