Paid services and payment

Q. What are the benefits of paid services of Netffice 24?

A.  We provide 10GB storage to personal paid service plan. Also support PC and Mobile office apps for document edit and EzPhoto for image edit tool.


Q. Do you accept only credit cards for the service payment?

A. Yes, we accept credit card only. The service payment will be charged regularly.
If you don't want to use the paid service after for a certain period, please unsubscribe the service. Then, it won't be billing from the next time.


Q. Will the payment be refunded if I unsubscribe the service in the middle of the paid service period?

A. We don't have a refund policy. If you want to unsubscribe it due to Netffice 24 service problem, please contact us to


Q. I downloaded Thinkfree Office through Netffice 24. Will it be updated for free?

A. Yes, it will be updated for paid users.


Q. If I unsubscribe the service, what will happen to my data in Netffice 24 storage?

A. If you unsubscribe the paid service, the space of storage is downgraded to 2GB.
If your data is over than 2GB, you have to delete it from the storage. If not, some of features cannot be used anymore.


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