How can I change e-mail address or withdrawal from the service?

Q. Can I change my e-mail address?
A. The registered e-mail address cannot be changed. We have a plan to support this feature in the coming updates.


Q. How can I delete my account for this service?
A. After login, click the profile icon (owl image as default), go to [Settings] > [Account] > click [...] then you can see "Delete account" menu.


Q. . I've signed up for Netffice 24 with my Google or Facebook account. After deleting my account from Netffice 24, I can still sign in to Netffice 24 service with my Google or Facebook account.
A. When you sign up for Netffice 24 with your Google or Facebook account, it requests a permission to the sites. Once the permissions are granted, it allows sign in to Netffice 24.
That means, even though you delete your Netffice 24 account, you have to remove Netffice 24 from "Apps connected to your account" section of your Google account page.

You can also delete Netffice 24 from your Facebook account page.


Q. If I withdrawal from Netffice 24, will my data be deleted?
A. Netffice 24 deletes all of the user’s data as the user withdrawal from Netffice 24. Please, be careful when you make the decision.


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