Inviting to Share

Registered Hancom Space (previously. Netffice 24) users can invite each other to share documents or files and collaborate to edit them.

1. Select “Invite people to collaborate” from the popped up menu by right-clicking on the file to share.
2. Enter the e-mail address of the Hancom Space registered user to share.
3. The shared users can view the shared files in “Share” menu.
4. You can change or disable a user’s permission for the shared file on the menu.
5. You can disable the share by selecting “Remove Share” on the menu, and the shared file will be no longer displayed in “Share” menu.

* If your mailing list in 'Invite people to collaborate' doesn't have MalangMalang Platform account, a temporary account will be created. And s/he can check the notification email from his/her inbox with the account information (ID, password).

* When sign in to the service using a temporary account at the first time, s/he has to agree to the TOU and Privacy policy.


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