Back up your data into Netffice 24 or local PC

We deeply appreciate and thank all of you for using Thinkfree Online.
We will close Thinkfree Online service on April 27, 2017.


Please follow the steps below for simple steps to signup for an account at Netffice 24, where you will be able to download or back up your data into your choice of cloud storage service.

Please click here in details.

1. Go to Sign in page of Netffice 24.

2. Click “Sign in With Thinkfree” and move to the login page of Thinkfree Online.

3. Enter login credential of your existing Thinkfree online account. You will be asked to authorize the access to your Thinkfree account.

4. Once you accept the authorization request, you will be redirected to Netffice 24.
You will see “Thinkfree” listed in the “Storage” in Netffice 24.

5. Select “Thinkfree” in the list of “Storage”, and select files and folders that you want to download. Choose “Download” to start the download.

The selected data will be downloaded into your PC as a Zip archive.


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